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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Turkiye-Syria Survivor: 'Peeped in shoes and then drank', the person who was buried in the debris for 4 days told the painful story

Turkiye-Syria Earthquake: Rescue work is going on even nine days after the earthquake in Turkiye. The work of evacuating people buried under the debris is going on. Till now thousands of people have been pulled alive from the debris. However, in spite of this, many campaigns in 10 affected provinces are being recovered on a large scale. So far 41 thousand people have died in the earthquake in Turkey. There are many thousand people sick.

At a hospital in southern Turkey's Osmania, some survivors shared the horror of being trapped under their collapsed homes and even offered a glimpse of what life might hold ahead for them. The situation there has become so bad that even after being saved alive, people are facing the fear of dying due to hunger, thirst and weather.

Ammi's chest bones were broken

Gülhan Vishne, 17, who lives in the earthquake-affected region of Turkey. Narrating the incident, he said that when the earthquake happened, I could not understand what to do. After the earthquake, I ran towards the door, when suddenly our one-storey building collapsed on me and my mother. In this my ankles were broken. I thought I would die. It was difficult to get out of there. Due to the dust, there was difficulty in breathing, my mother's chest bones were broken, yet she was trying to save me. I was trapped below for four hours, then I was rescued.

we care about our children

Ojlem Vinshe's mother told that when the earthquake happened, there was a door behind me. I broke the door with a stone and saw a little light. I pulled myself out a bit and called out to the neighbors for help. After some time, an aftershock dislodged some debris and I got a chance to get out. My ribs were broken. I was trying to find my daughter. We don't worry about ourselves as parents as much as we worry about our children. After the operation I can't sleep even after taking pills, whenever I close my eyes all I can hear is my daughter's cry for help. I have breast cancer. Despite this I work and am divorced.

Pee drank

Maurut Babaoglu of Turkey is a car mechanic by profession. Sharing the things that happened after the earthquake, he told that when the earthquake happened, I ran down the stairs. I reached between the second and third floors, when the building collapsed and I was buried under the debris in the stairwell. I was in such a big space that I could turn and move a little, but my hand was stuck. It was dark all around. Maurut Babaoglu was awake while being trapped. He was hanging upside down among the debris of the stairs, his legs were numb, all the blood had gone to his head. After more than three days he had to drink urine. Due to thirst, he urinated in his shoes and drank. After this he vomited. He told that after 4 days he was rescued after full 96 hours.

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