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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Quran Motivational Quotes: Do not waste time in finding out the mistakes of others. work on your weaknesses

Quran Motivational Quotes: Like Gita for Hindus, Bible for Christianity, Quran Sharif, the holy book of Islam holds importance for Muslim religion. According to Muslims, it is a belief that Quran is a heavenly and final book sent by Allah.

It is said that it was conveyed by Allah to Prophet-e-Islam Hazrat Muhammad through his angel Gabriel. The Quran is basically divided into 114 chapters. The things written in the Quran are called Surat. There are verses in Surah. A rectangle is a sentence. The verse of Quran teaches a person to walk on the path of success. Let's know 10 big things of Quran.

10 special teachings of Quran

  • Making a mistake is not a big deal, but accepting a mistake in front of everyone is a big deal. Every person is not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes but the one who accepts those mistakes is called the best.
  • Do help those who remember only at the time of work, because they are looking for light in the darkness and that light is you. - When a person is sad, he appeals for help to those people on whom he has full faith that he will get him out of every trouble.
  • It is better to suffer than to suffer. Never compromise with your honor. Even if the circumstances are opposite, it is better to suffer than to put honor at stake.
  • Kindness is a sign of faith in the heart, there is no faith in the one who does not have mercy. - The feeling of kindness takes a person on the path of progress. It is also written in Quran that those who are kind hearted towards others, Allah also helps them.
  • To follow the path of education means to follow the path of Allah. Education is the first step to success. One can attain Allah only through education.
  • Allah loves him who does good to his servants.
  • The one who finds fault with others is like a fly which leaves the beautiful body and sits on the wound. If you want happiness and success in life, then do not waste time in finding out the mistakes of others. Work on your own shortcomings.
  • The talk of wisdom in front of fools is useless, because he will first argue and then seeing his defeat, he will become an enemy. - A foolish person has his own world, he always misunderstands others in front of himself, even if you are talking about his good.
  • If you worry, you suffer twice, so leave it to God.
  • God makes every plan of human life. His decision, both right and wrong, is beneficial for you. - He arranges everything from heaven to earth

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