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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Silver bed, bungalow and jewelry worth 2 crores… royal wedding of businessman's daughter

In marriage, businessman Mahendra Singh has gifted 2 kg gold and 100 KG silver ornaments, silver bed and sofa including utensils, SUV car and bungalow to his daughter.

Pali: Nowadays a marriage is making headlines in Rajasthan. Where royal arrangements were made to welcome the baraatis in the marriage of a businessman's daughter in Mohrai village of Jaitaran area. During this time, the businessman was echoing clarinets for 10 kilometers along the road to welcome the wedding processions. Not only this, the businessman has given 2 kg gold and 100 kg silver jewelery as a gift. Along with this, silver utensils and silver bed and sofa-set and dining hall are also included. The cost of which is being told around 2 crores.

According to media reports, apart from this, the businessman has given an SUV-700 car, scooty, factory in Bengaluru, plot, 2 bighas of land in Pali and FD of Rs 1 crore 8 lakh. Along with this, the father has also given other items worth crores of rupees to the daughter, which has become a topic of discussion in the entire area.

There were royal arrangements for stay and food at the resort

According to the information received, this matter is related to Mohrai village of Jaitaran area of ​​Pali district on 22nd February. Where Vanshika, daughter of businessman Mahendra Singh Sewad, was married. At the same time, Kuldeep Singh Jagarwal, the groom of the bride-turned-Vanshika, is also a businessman, who is a resident of Bhaisana village. It is being told that a royal arrangement was made for the baraatis to stay and eat at a resort about 5 km away from Mohrai.

Along with this, about 3 kg of gold jewelery was also given to the daughter to wear from head to toe. Along with this, an SUV 700 car, scooty, 12 thousand square feet factory, plot in Bengaluru, 2 bighas of land in Pali's housing board and FD of one crore 8 lakh have been given.

Who is Mahindra Singh Sewad?

It is noteworthy that businessman Mahendra Singh Sevad is doing land-selling business in Bengaluru. Along with this, there are many factories for making pipes. Presently he lives in Mohrai village of Rajasthan. During this, Mahendra Singh told that he wanted to make the marriage of his daughter Vanshika memorable. For this, he had also talked about this with father Babu Singh Rajpurohit, elder brother Dhagal Singh.

Wedding procession welcomed on vintage cars and buggies

It is being told that the reception was started about 10 kilometers before Mohrai. During the reception, the groom was made to sit on an elephant. The baraatis were taken from Samokhi to Mohrai by decorating the carts on horses, camels, bullock carts and sitting in vintage cars. Thousands of people gathered to see this royal procession. Along with this, bands and artists were called from Jaipur, Punjab and Nashik.

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