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Sunday, February 26, 2023

'Kidney On SALE' Wanted money for the deposit of the house, the person put his kidney on sale

Renting a house in Karnataka's Bangalore is so expensive that a man had to put his kidney on sale here. A poster related to this is also going viral on Twitter.

Bengaluru: Renting a house in the city is like fighting a war. One does not get a house and even if he gets it, while fulfilling the demands of the landlord, it is as if the kidney is sold. In a similar case, a person put his kidney on the cell. Yes, a poster is becoming very viral on social media, in which the landlord has demanded a security deposit from the person. What was it, the person put his kidney on sale to raise money.

A Twitter user Ramaykh shared the poster, which read, "Left kidney on sale." Along with this, it is written on the poster in small letters, "The landlord is demanding a security deposit, money is needed to fund the same." Although it has been clarified below in the poster that it is a joke and the person has also shared his profile through QR code.

Bangalore would have been expensive in terms of rent.

This poster has now gone viral on Twitter and a large number of people are sharing it and crying their heart out. For example, the city of Bengaluru in Karnataka is becoming very expensive in terms of rent, where it is mandatory to pay a security deposit for renting a house and that too a hefty amount. A Twitter user named Anita Rane wrote, "I too can 100% do this and resort to marketing tactics."

Twitter users shared experiences

Some people also shared their experiences of finding a home in Bangalore. A user named Abhitosh wrote, while looking for a house, the landlord got angry on being rejected. Because I said I'm not interested in making you rich. Instead, opt for Honda City and pay EMIs for a longer tenure.

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