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Monday, February 27, 2023

Not just an airport, there is a new flight for the jawans of the region… PM said at the inauguration of the airport in Shivamogga

The newly built Shivamogga Airport in Karnataka has been developed at a cost of about Rs 450 crore. The design of this airport is like a lotus flower. PM Modi has described this as a new flight for the youth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday inaugurated the airport developed at Shivamogga in Karnataka with an investment of Rs 450 crore. Addressing the inauguration program, PM Modi said that this is not just an airport but a new flight for the soldiers of this region. PM Modi said that in the last few years, the development of Karnataka is running on the path of progress.

The PM further said, friends, we all know, be it a car or a government, when double engines are installed, its speed increases. BJP's double engine government has brought another big change. Earlier, when the development of Karnataka was discussed, it used to be confined to the big cities around there only. But the double engine government is constantly trying to take it to the villages. The development of Shivmoga is the result of this thinking.

Big things of PM Modi's speech in Shivamogga-

1. The double engine government is working sincerely to provide water to every household. For the first time after independence, India's echo has been heard in the world. The campaign for the development of Karnataka is about to intensify further.

2. Piped water has been supplied to 40 families in Karnataka. The BJP government is the government of the poor and the poor. The BJP government is a government for the welfare of the poor.

3. It is one of the most fertile regions of the country. With the construction of the airport, the local people will get convenience, as well as it will be easy for tourists from the country and abroad to come here. Tourists bring dollars and pounds.

4. The world's only Sanskrit village is also in this district. There are many such places related to faith and spirituality in our Shivamogga. Isru village is an inspiration for all of us.

5. The land of nature, culture and agriculture, this new airport is going to open a new door. The greenery, rivers and mountains here are amazing. Lion Safari is here.

6. The BJP government did another big job. We decided that even a person wearing hawai chappals can travel by air. We started planning for this. Shivamogga's airport will also witness this.

7. Now even though these planes are being imported from abroad, the day is not far when people will fly in India's Made in India plane. The policies and decisions of the BJP government are behind the expansion of air travel in India today.

8. Before 2014, the focus was on airports only in big cities in the country. It was not the idea of ​​the Congress to connect small towns with air connectivity. In 2014, there were only 74 airports in the country. While the BJP government has built 74 new ones in 9 years.

9. This airport is being completed at a time when there is a lot of enthusiasm about air travel in India. Recently, Air India has made a deal to buy the largest aircraft in the world.

10. Earlier, whenever Air India was discussed in the world, it was often only for negative news. Today Air India is flying new flight in the world

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