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Monday, February 27, 2023

Holi 2023: Laddoos will rain with Gulal today in Radha's city, know how this unique Holi is played

Laddu Mar Holi 2023: To see the most popular Laddumar Holi of Braj Mandal, people reach Barsana from country and abroad, must read this article to know what is its religious significance.

Laddu Mar Holi 2023: Holi celebrated on the full moon of Falgun month has great importance in Hinduism. This holy festival full of color and enthusiasm remains in Braj Mandal for about 40 days. The style of every Holi played in the city of Radha Rani is unique. Today Holi will be played in Barsana by throwing laddus. What is the meaning of Laddu Mar Holi in the festival of colors, how did Laddu Mar Holi start and what is its specialty, to play which people not only from the country but from every corner of the world reach here, let's expand it. know from.

How is Laddu Mar Holi played?

People have reached in large numbers to play Laddu Mar Holi in Radharani's city i.e. Barsana. To celebrate this Holi, preparations start here long in advance. Laddus made of Motichoor and Besan are prepared to play Holi. On the auspicious festival of Holi, when it starts raining laddoos with flowers and gulal, every devotee immersed in the devotion of Radha-Krishna considers himself blessed as soon as he receives them.

How Laddu Mar Holi started

To play Holi in Barsana, first of all the invitation of Phag is sent from Radha Rani's palace to Nandgaon. After accepting which, a priest from Nandgaon or say Panda is sent to Radha Rani's palace to convey the message of acceptance. It is said that when Panda reached Barsana during Krishna's time, he was given a lot of laddoos to eat, seeing which he goes mad with happiness and instead of eating them, he starts playing Holi. Since then till today the tradition of laddu mar Holi is going on in Barsana. Repeating the same tradition even today, when Panda reaches Barsana, he will start dancing after seeing a lot of laddus there and with that the rain of laddus will start, in which people gather there to get wet or to get that prasad. Will arrive in large numbers.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and public beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for it. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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