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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Chetan Sharma's injection claim causes earthquake, how does the injured player start running?

Chetan Sharma has claimed in a sting operation that Team India's superstar players achieve fitness by taking injections. Does this really happen? Know the reality.

Chetan Sharma… This name is resonating in Indian cricket at the moment. The reason is his sting operation which can bring a big earthquake in Indian cricket. Chetan Sharma made a sensational claim that Indian cricketers take injections and are not even caught in dope tests. In the sting operation, Chetan Sharma alleged that despite being 80 to 85 percent fit, players take injections to make a quick return to professional cricket. Now the question is, how much truth is there in this claim? Do Indian cricketers really do all this to gain fitness?

Let us tell you that sports and doping have a very old and deep connection. Often players do doping to become champions and if caught, they are also banned. Apart from sports like athletics, swimming, football, there are many examples of this in cricket as well. Now let us tell you which injection do cricketers take to regain their fitness?

Which injection do cricketers take to make a quick comeback?

Players often get hurt on the cricket field. Players are out of the team due to injury and this also affects their brand value. It is not easy for a player to return after injury and if the player who replaced him in his absence has performed well, then it is difficult to make a place in the team again. This is the reason why players do not hesitate to walk on this path to achieve fitness as soon as possible.

Let us tell you that in cricket, players often get injuries related to bones. In which the joints of the bones are most affected. It is not so easy to come back from these injuries and that is why players go on the path of injection. Dr. Ashish Gupta, an orthopedist practicing in Delhi, told TV 9 that players often use steroids to heal injuries quickly. At the top of these steroids is nandrolone which is taken to strengthen the bones. Due to this, old injuries also heal quickly. This injection is taken only under the guidance of doctors because it also has many side-effects. Please tell that two fast bowlers of Pakistan, Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif were also banned for taking this nandrolone injection.

How do players avoid doping?

Now the question is that how do the players survive the doping test despite taking steroids. Actually players use these steroids in a special way. Its very small dose is taken daily which is also called micro dosing. Then medicines are also used to get this substance out of the body. Allegedly, perhaps Chetan Sharma was talking about similar injections. Although there is no proof of this. At the moment no one knows what is the truth.

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