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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Gray hair in 20s? Know how dangerous it is for the heart and brain!

We have accepted the issue of hair loss and graying as normal. But this is not that common. Graying of hair at an early age is a matter of great concern for health.

Well, who doesn't want his hair to always look black and thick. In old age people don't try anything for this. Some dye their hair with different colors and some don't even miss wearing a wig. But if the one whose hair turned white at a young age! Understand how much inferiority complex must have been filled inside them!

In the opinion of doctors doing research in the field of health, the reason for graying of hair at an early age is not just general internal health. It should not be ignored. It can also have serious consequences. Graying of hair at the age of 20 can be a sign of a serious problem. In some cases it has also been found to be associated with the heart and brain.

Brain tumor risk

However, many people remain silent considering this problem as a common genetic or nutritional deficiency. But in the opinion of doctors, people have to think about their health by being above this. Doctors have warned that it is not right to ignore this problem. This can be a mess with health. At an early age, this problem can give rise to your heart disease and even brain tumor.

Vitamin d deficiency

Generally in western countries you must have seen a large number of women and men taking sun bath. And this sun bath is the most effective way of getting vitamin D. It helps in maintaining the glow of the face and maintaining the beauty of the hair. Skin and hair get nutrients from it.

Tumors can also occur in other organs

In the year 2013 itself, a research team from India discovered that due to lack of vitamin D in teenagers, their hair turns white. But now the American research team has discovered that Tuberous sclerosis complex is a disorder that can cause tumors in the brain, spinal cord, eyes, lungs, heart and kidneys. Tuberous sclerosis tumors grow around the body and stop the growth potential.

The growth of tumor around the brain can lead to seizures. This can cause immediate damage to the brain. If tumors form on the eyes, they can cause vision problems. Tumors of the heart and lungs can cause shortness of breath. If you see such whiteness in hair at a young age, contact the doctor immediately.

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