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Sunday, February 26, 2023

'Canadian Kumar speaks, yes I have a passport there' - Akshay's anger over trolling

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is an inspiration for the country. Actors keep entertaining fans through their films and also motivate everyone with their fitness. But still, due to some reasons, he always has to be a victim of trolling. Now he has broken his silence on this.

Mumbai: The image of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is strong in the country. While on one hand he entertains the fans with his films, on the other hand he also does social service wholeheartedly. But even after all this, he is trolled because of his citizenship. There are many people who know him by the name of 'Canadian Kumar'. He also feels very sad when he is trolled on this matter. But now this will not happen. The actor has recently revealed that he is giving up his Canadian citizenship and has also applied for the same. He also appeared emotional while mentioning about being trolled during the conversation.

Akshay Kumar said in a conversation with Aaj Tak that sometimes someone says that you are a Canadian Kumar. Seems very strange. Yes, I acknowledge that I hold Canadian citizenship. But did anyone ever think what had happened. As I told you that at one point of time 16 of my films had flopped. Every person, many people from our country have gone to one country or the other. Some go to Australia, some to America. It is not that no one would have gone abroad. I also thought that my films are not working. I had a friend in Canada who told him to come here.

Listened to friend and got the job done

I went there and started working. Meanwhile, two of my films were left to be released. And the coincidence was such that both those films went on. Then my friend said that now go back and work again. I came back and 2-4 more films went on. After this my films started running. Meanwhile I forgot that I have Canadian citizenship too. I never thought of changing. But yes, I will change now. I have applied. I will change as soon as the cancellation order comes.

Akshay Kumar's selfie didn't work

Akshay Kumar further told that he wants to leave the citizenship of Canada and take the citizenship of India. India is everything for me. Whatever he has earned, he has earned here and it is his good fortune that he entertains people through his work. Please tell that the actor's film Selfie has been released recently. But this film is looking disastrous at the box office. The two-day collection of the film is 6.3 crores, which is very low.

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