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Friday, February 17, 2023

Bihar Board: Pain arose in the middle of the exam, gave birth to a child, gave the exam again after 3 hours

Bihar Board Exam News: In the 9th month of pregnancy, Banka's Rukmini gave the Bihar Board matriculation examination in labor pen. Gave birth to a child in the middle of the exam and after 3 hours again completed the BSEB 10th Exam paper.

Have you ever thought.. What is the labor pain like in the last period of pregnancy, when the child is about to be born? As if many bones of the body have been cracked together. When it is difficult to even take a single breath, how can one even think of giving an exam? This is no less than an ordeal. But Rukmini of Bihar not only gave this ordeal but also got through it. Yes.. this has happened in Bihar Board 10th exam.

Bihar Board Matriculation 2023 exam is going on. Banka's Rukmini is also giving this exam. BSEB 10th exam started from 14th February with Maths paper. 22 year old Rukmini went for the exam in the 9th month of her pregnancy. When she returned after giving maths paper, she got severe pain (labor pain) in the night. Still he decided to give science paper the next day on 15th February.

Reached the hospital in the middle of the exam

When Rukmini reached for the science exam, she was still in labor pain. But when the pain became unbearable, he was immediately taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. There she gave birth to a healthy child. Dr. Bholanath, who delivered Rukmini, told that the labor room (where the delivery was to take place) was prepared in the hospital as soon as the emergency call came from the exam center. Delivery was normal.

Immediately after delivery, she insisted to the doctor and education officials that she has to complete her exams. He was given permission in a hurry. She ran back towards the exam hall. Completed the paper and then a mother returned to her newborn baby.

'Must read'

Everyone is praising the courage of Rukmini of Bihar's Banka. Where doctors and other people are saluting the 'power of the mother' inside her. On the other hand, education officer Pawan Kumar said, 'Rukmini has set an example for the whole world that how important it is to study, no matter how difficult the time is.'

Rukmini is a student of Ambedkar Residential High School in Banka, Bihar. His exam center is there in MMKG Inter College. Now Bihar Board 10th class exam is going on. Today is the English exam. The last paper is on 22 February.

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