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Monday, February 27, 2023

Any reels not going viral on Instagram? These tips will make you popular

If you want to make Instagram reels viral then follow these tips. With the help of these tips, you can earn lakhs of rupees by making reels.

Viral Instagram Reels Hacks: Nowadays most of the users are trying their talent on Instagram Reels . They post every update of their life on Instagram, in which case they spend hours making a reel, but even after so much hard work, there is no benefit. These tips will prove to be very helpful for such users. With the help of these tips, your reel can go viral and you can become famous like other popular users. Let us tell you that Instagram reels have become monetized, now users can earn lakhs of rupees by making Instagram reels through it.

However, some users have now become upset while making reels on Instagram. In such a situation, the main reason for this is that their reels are not able to go viral, in such a situation, their views on Instagram reels are also coming to naught. Today we will tell you some easy tips, with the help of which your Instagram reels will go viral.

Follow these tips while making reels

1. Add Text: Writing short text in the feature image of reels is beneficial. In this way the engagement of users increases. You can write colored and creative captions in it. Details related to Reels should also be written in the description below. Apart from this, related tagging and hashtags should be added.

2. Use of stickers: Along with adding captions on Instagram reels, GIFs and stickers should also be used. Apart from this, you must also add the location to it. In such a situation, it is easy for your viewers to understand about the location of the reels.

3. Use of AR Effect: If you have an understanding of making great reels, then you should use AR effect from the gallery of Instagram reels. These are made by famous Instagram creators. Here you get a lot of AR effects.

4. Use of Filters: By using different filters in Instagram Reels, your video will look good as well as you can become famous with it. You do not need to go anywhere for effects. By swiping left on Instagram reels, many filters are available which you can use for free.

5. Focus on trending audio: Many trending songs and audio clips are viral on Instagram, so you should create reels using viral audio or song clips. You can also use Instagram Music for this. If you want, you can use voice over to make your video better.

6. Frame setup: While shooting reels on Instagram, you should always take full size frame. It is very nice to see your reels like this.

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