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Monday, February 27, 2023

The father was not ready to leave his hand on the breath of the daughter buried in the debris, said – that pain…

Thousands of families lost their near and dear ones in the earthquake of Turkey. Mesut Hanser was also one of them.

The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria destroyed thousands of families. In Turkey alone, more than 44 thousand people died while many were injured. Hundreds of buildings collapsed and thousands of people lost their near and dear ones forever. One of the people who lost his family was Mesut Hansar who lost his daughter in this earthquake. Meanwhile, a picture of him has also surfaced in which he is seen holding his daughter. People from all over the world are expressing sympathy after this picture came to the fore.

According to AFP, Hanser is currently in Ankara. He had moved there from Kahanmaras near the epicenter of the earthquake. He told that I lost my mother, my brothers, my nephew in the earthquake. But the burial of a child cannot be compared to anything. This pain cannot be described. After the earthquake, a picture of Hanser, wearing an orange jacket in the cold and rain, was published on the front pages of many newspapers and seen millions of times online, in which he was seen holding the hand of his daughter pulled from the rubble.

Why is the picture made by the artist special?

This picture became a symbol of the destruction in Turkey. Meanwhile, another picture has come to the fore of Hanser with his daughter, which has been made by a painter. In this, Hanser's daughter Irmak was shown as an angel, whom Hanser is seen holding in his lap. This picture has been donated to Hanger by an artist. Hanser said, I could not leave his hand. My daughter was sleeping like an angel in her bed. Hanser was working in his bakery when the earthquake struck at 4.17 am on February 6.

Later he called home and came to know that his wife and 3 elder children were completely safe in the one-storey house. Although his house was damaged due to the earthquake. At the same time, his youngest daughter, who had stayed at her grandmother's house that day, could not be traced. She stayed at her grandmother's house to spend time with her cousins. When Hanser ran to his mother's house, he saw that the 8-storey building had collapsed into rubble. His daughter was also among the same debris.

Before the arrival of the rescue team, Hanser himself tried to get his daughter out of the wreckage. But after failing, he went and sat near his daughter. He recalled that day, I held his hand, I stroked his hair, I kissed his cheeks. Let me tell you, now a businessman has offered Hanser an administrative job in a TV channel and has given the family an apartment in Ankara.

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