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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Undergarments: Why are boys going LIVE here wearing girls' undergarments? shocking reason

Lingerie in China: This matter came to the fore when recently some boys were seen doing this during social media live. He appeared with a team wearing girls' undergarments with full preparation. During this, not one but many boys did this and they have clearly explained the reason for this.

Boys Wearing Female Undergarments: There are times when amazing creativity is seen from the world of advertising. The reason for this remains that the more creative the advertisement is, the more it will reach the people. Recently, a very shocking case came to light from China, where some boys were seen advertising undergarments of girls.

Ban on some companies?

Actually, this matter has been seen from many cities of China. According to an online report by Audi Central, the local administration has banned some companies here that girls will not be seen in their advertisements, nor will they be seen advertising undergarments. After this line was mentioned in this ban, the concerned companies took out an idea.

The way of advertising has changed

that companies have changed their way of advertising. Instead of girls, they made boys stand in that advertisement. After that, those male models wore female undergarments and advertised them. Many videos of these advertisements surfaced on social media and their pictures have also gone viral.

Do people not understand?

When his pictures surfaced on social media, at first people did not understand. Then later when it was mentioned in many reports that why boys wearing female undergarments appeared on social media. Then this thing was revealed. Although no confirmation has come from the local administration on this matter, but the claim is definitely being made in the media report.

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