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Sunday, January 22, 2023

The budget of Stranger Things 4 will be sweaty, many Hindi films will be made in one episode

Netflix is ​​constantly working on good content and more than one web series are being prepared. You must have heard the name of the web series Stranger Things on this platform. The cost of the fourth season of this web series can blow anyone's senses.

Stranger Things 4 Budget: Today OTT platforms exist to compete with the film industry. There are many different platforms which have been continuously creating original content for some time and providing full entertainment to the viewers. Netflix is ​​at the forefront of this. There was a time when Netflix's monopoly used to run on OTT platforms. But gradually many online platforms came into competition. But even after this, Netflix has its own charm. The reason is special. Netflix is ​​doing a lot of work at the production level and is spending a lot of money. An example of this is the web series Stranger Things.

You will be shocked to hear the earning of one episode

How much does it cost to make an average Bollywood film? If we estimate, then a famous actor's film gets ready in 30 to 40 crores. This much money is enough to make a great film. But do you know that the cost of one episode of a Netflix web series is as much as many Bollywood films can be made. Take the original web series Stranger Things of the OTT platform. Its 4 seasons have come. All one to one. But its fourth season is special in many ways. Let us know how much is the budget of Stranger Things.

This is the total earning of season 4

According to the reports of the Wall Street Journal, an episode of Stranger Things 4 costs $ 30 million, or Rs 242.93 crore, to make. Yes, this is the cost of only one episode of this web series. Anyone hearing this for the first time can hold his head. Because Netflix is ​​still a new individual platform and according to this, spending so much money on one episode is a big deal. There were 9 episodes of this season. Now if the budget of all the episodes of this web series is combined, then in Indian rupees it sits around Rs 2185 crores.

Far away Bollywood is not in competition

Admittedly, it takes a lot of efforts to make a film and a web series and there is a vast difference between the two. The duration of a film is 2 to 3 hours. Whereas in comparison to this, it takes a lot of time to make a web series and its length is also very high. From this point of view, it is reasonable to spend money on web series, but the amount of money Netflix has spent for this one web series is enough to surprise anyone. Today, even if Bollywood directors make a film with a budget of 100 crores, they complain about the actor's fees. At the same time, the amount of money that an OTT platform is shedding for one of its web series will not be equal to the total earnings of many Bollywood superhit films in a year.

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