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Monday, January 23, 2023

'Judges don't have to face election, public is watching'

The dispute between the Supreme Court and the Central Government regarding the collegium is not taking the name of stopping. The statements of Law Minister Kiren Rijiju regarding the appointment of judges come to the fore. He said that you do not face elections but in this era of social media nothing can be hidden.

The differences between the Center and the Judiciary are increasing day by day. Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said that judges do not have to face elections, but still they are in the public eye. He said that 'the public is watching you... Whatever decisions you give, how you work... In this era of social media, you cannot hide anything'. The Union Minister said, “After becoming a judge, they do not have to face election or public scrutiny… The public is watching the judges, their decisions and the way they deliver justice, and evaluate themselves… something is also not hidden.'

At an event in Delhi, the Law Minister said, “The CJI told me that there should be some restrictions on social media. The CJI asked us to take some strict action against people who comment on judges. I have taken his suggestion and we are considering it, but what can we do when people are criticizing on a large scale?"

Supported the idea of ​​retired judge

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Sunday sought to support the views of a retired high court judge who had said that the Supreme Court had hijacked the Constitution by deciding to appoint judges on its own. In recent times, the deadlock between the government and the judiciary has increased regarding the process of appointment of judges in the higher judiciary.

…they think they are above the constitution

Rijiju appointed former Delhi High Court judge Justice R.S. Sharing the video of an interview of Sodhi (Retd), said that this is the voice of a judge and most of the people have such sensible views. Justice Sodhi had said that the Parliament has the right to make laws. The Law Minister also said, in fact most of the people have similar sensible views. There are only a few people, who disregard the provisions and mandate of the constitution and think that they are above the constitution of India.

In the interview, Justice Sodhi also said that the apex court cannot legislate as it does not have the authority to do so. He said that Parliament has the right to make laws.

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