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Monday, January 23, 2023

Travel Blogger: The boy from Mumbai married the girl of this country, the government will give money every month!

Mithilesh Backpacker: This person got a lot of money after this marriage. Apart from this, when his child was born recently, the Government of Belarus also made a provision to pay salary every month for three years under the rules. When Mithilesh recently told about it on his YouTube channel, people started searching for Mithilesh.

Mumbai Travel Blogger: Couples' love stories often go viral on social media and when it comes to foreign brides, it becomes even more interesting. Recently one such love story went viral in which a boy from Mumbai married a girl from Belarus. But it came into limelight recently when the boy got money from the Belarus government and his child was born.

Lisa, a resident of Belarus

Actually, the name of this boy is Mithilesh. Mithilesh is a resident of Mumbai and is a travel blogger. He was married to a girl named Lisa from Belarus. They both met in Belarus. According to media reports, Mithilesh went to Russia for the first time in March 2021. There one of his friends told that he should come to Belarus. After this, Mithilesh reached Belarus and it was here that he met Lisa for the first time. 

The story of meeting is also very interesting

According to reports, he met Lisa for the first time at a friend's birthday party. The story of their meeting is also very interesting. Both had met in connection with a translator. After this, conversation started between the two. The conversation took place through a translator as Lisa knew Russian and Mithilesh knew English. 

He got a good amount

of money , after several meetings, he proposed Lisa and then both of them got married in the same year. The family members of both were also present in the marriage. After this, Mithilesh started living in Belarus. Their child was born two months ago. Mithilesh told on his YouTube channel that after the birth of the child, he received a substantial amount from the Government of Belarus. 

See you every month for three years!

Actually, according to the law of Belarus, money is given to the parents for the upbringing of the child. When Mithilesh became a father, he got one lakh 28 thousand rupees. After this, he will get Rs 18,000 every month for three years. At present, his story has become fiercely viral in India and people are also following Mithilesh's social media account.

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