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Friday, November 4, 2022

These 6 reasons can cause problems of late periods

Delayed periods - Being late is not a big deal, but every time if the periods start getting late then many problems can be faced. There can be many reasons behind this.

Periods can be irregular due to weight loss

Periods can be delayed due to iron deficiency.

Delayed periods - Every woman has her periods at a fixed time. The date of periods in a month depends on the menstrual cycle, but sometimes periods are missed or do not come on time, then the first thought goes towards pregnancy, but what should those women do, who have no chances of pregnancy in the recent past. Would you have? Now in such a situation, the reasons for late periods can be PCOS or PCOD.

Apart from this, many other reasons can also cause delay in periods. If these reasons are ignored then they can give rise to a big problem. What are these reasons, without delay, let us know.

Taking stress According to

Healthline , when the level of stress increases in the body, then the level of hormones automatically deteriorates. This is the reason why periods can be delayed due to stress. Women who take more stress may also have to face more pain.

Due to excessive weight loss or sudden weight loss, periods can be delayed. Because of this, the production of essential hormones stops and periods start becoming irregular.


gain can cause irregular periods due to weight loss, similarly weight gain can also cause irregular periods. Due to weight gain, estrogen in the body gets affected a lot. Due to which the periods also start skipping.

Premenopause Menopause mostly occurs at the age of 50-52 years but many women can feel the signs even 10 to 15 years before menopause. Which is called premenopause. Due to this, the level of estrogen starts fluctuating due to which the periods start getting delayed.

Birth Control Tablets

Many women consume birth control ie contraceptive tablets. Due to which the periods are delayed or missed. It is better to panic in this situation than to consult a doctor.

Anemia and Iron Deficiency

In women, due to anemia and iron deficiency, periods can be delayed. If a woman is deficient in iron, then this problem can be faced.

These are 6 reasons for late periods, which can be overwhelming to ignore. For these reasons, consulting a doctor may be a better option for diagnosis.

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