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Friday, November 4, 2022

Is it right to do pushups in pregnancy? go here answer this question

Is it safe for a pregnant lady to do pushups? Here we are going to tell you whether this exercise should be done in pregnancy or not. Also what is its substitute.

Exercising to stay active is a common and there are many types, which people can choose according to their needs. One of these is pushups, which usually everyone can do easily. Pushups help in keeping the upper part of the body fit. Well, a question related to this always arises whether a pregnant lady can do it. In this article, we are going to tell you whether it is okay to do pushups to stay active during pregnancy . Also, which of its substitutes can be made a part of the pregnant routine.

Can pushups be done during pregnancy

Women often have this confusion whether they can do pushups in pregnancy or not. According to experts, if exercise is done in the right way, then there is no harm in doing it even in pregnancy. Pregnant ladies can do many exercises, they just need to know their safe method. By adopting these ways to stay fit, weight gain in pregnancy can also be prevented.

Try This Substitute of Pushups

Experts say that if someone does not find it safe to do pushups while lying on the ground in pregnancy, then they should choose another option. Pregnant ladies can do wall pushups. For this, you just have to take the help of the corners of the walls. During this, put your hands on both the walls and slowly do wall pushups.

Benefits of Wall Pushups

According to experts, if the routine of wall pushups is followed in pregnancy, then it can reduce the pain in the joints of the hands.

Exercising during pregnancy also reduces or eliminates the problem of stress. Apart from this, if your body remains active, then freshness also remains in the body.

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