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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Gujarat Election: This is how BJP attacks its opponents from the War Room, this is how 'soldiers' do the mistake of 'enemy' goes viral

BJP War Room: As the dates of Gujarat elections are coming closer, different issues are coming to the fore very fast. All the parties try their best to put these issues on social media and reply on that only. BJP is known for using its social media team in a better way. Although BJP uses social media very well for 365 days, but when there is an election atmosphere, apart from the team of social media, new people are prepared and preference is given to those young men and women who belong to that election state. Huh. 

Opponents are attacked from the war room

On the same lines, a war room of the social media team has been prepared for the Gujarat elections, in which about 100 boys and girls are continuously attacking the opponents through social media for BJP. These people sitting in BJP's war room do not take any time to make that video viral on the slightest mistake of the opponents. 

BJP's war room is divided into five parts. This includes Central Gujarat, South Gujarat, North Gujarat and Saurashtra. The work of the districts falling in these five parts is done by different teams, in which information about the work done by the BJP in that district or making the main issue of the rally of the big leaders of BJP viral among the people by making small clips. Along with answering the allegations of the opponents, everything is being done from the war room set up in Ahmedabad.

Pankaj Shukla, the head of the war room, said that BJP has 10,000 such dedicated workers, who constantly watch the party's work on social media. The young men and women present in the war room of Gujarat transmit all the videos and information to these 10,000 dedicated BJP workers. Volunteers were appointed by BJP to work on social media just before the elections, whose number is 50000 across Gujarat. Disseminating all the information to all these people is also a part of the war room so that with the help of 50,000 volunteers, information can be conveyed to the general public in every district.

The news channel is also continuously monitored from the war room, so that if any news is broadcast on the channel in which the leader of any party is talking anti-BJP or is seen tampering with the facts, then it should be immediately circulated on social media with correct information. The work of answering is done through. Today is the era of social media, but many times the things that come in social media are not true and due to these reasons all the parties are very active on social media so that the right facts can be conveyed to the people. 

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