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Sunday, October 16, 2022

What is the rationale for pursuing medical studies in Hindi?

Medical (MBBS) studies in Madhya Pradesh will be in Hindi. It has become the first state in the country to do so. With this, India has joined the list of countries where MBBS will be taught in the mother tongue. In countries like Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China and the Philippines, medical education is also conducted in the mother tongue . Three books of MBBS first year, which have been translated into Hindi, are to be released by Union Home Minister Amit Shah .

According to reports, a team of 97 doctors has translated these books from English to Hindi in 4 months. Now the questions are many. For example, how will a course like medical be taught in Hindi, what is its purpose?

What does the Minister of Medical Education have to say?

The aim of studying medical in Hindi is to make it easier for Hindi medium students, especially students from rural settings. This is to say, Madhya Pradesh's Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang. They also believe that there is no other alternative to medical studies in English. But they say that such a platform has to be provided to the students for medical studies, so that they can easily understand the subject.

It is being said that Minister Vishwas Sarang has prepared the outline of this project. For this, he did a meeting in February this year. At first the doctors and professors doubted it, but after a few meetings they also agreed and joined the project.

What about technical words?

Science studies are available in Hindi in 10th-12th and beyond, but if we look at technical terminology, sometimes English is easier than Hindi. Professor Sarayug Gupta , a teacher of Physics, says that it is easy to say generator in physics, but how will the students understand if it is called an electric generator. From the laws of light, sound and motion to carbon dating, it is a bit difficult to teach in Hindi, it seems relatively easy to explain and understand in English. The same is true in chemistry and also in biology. They say that it is not impossible to study and teach in Hindi, but it is difficult.

Prof Gupta says that when these conditions exist in science, it can be more difficult in medicine. However, it has been told that at present only three books of first year MBBS, Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry have been translated into Hindi. Gradually other books will also be made available in Hindi.

Cervical pain, what is the spinal cord called

When we talked to some students studying medicine, they said that technical terms like cervical pain, spinal cord and names of many diseases can be very difficult to understand in Hindi. Medical terms are full of technical terms, which can hardly be understood in Hindi.

However this is not a big problem. The problem is not because even Hindi medium people will read the spinal cord as spinal cord. Regarding technical terminology, Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said that technical terminology has not been changed. That is, such words would have been written in Devanagari script instead of Roman.

… so that readers can easily understand

For the study of MBBS in Hindi, 97 doctors from different medical colleges of the state have worked on this project. A war room named Mandar was also built for this in the Government Gandhi Medical College in the capital Bhopal. These doctors said that this task was challenging.

A doctor said that this task was not easy. It was our endeavor not to disturb technical terms. So that the readers can understand easily. After many months of hard work, the book in Hindi has been prepared.

How do students view this decision?

We contacted some students to know what the students studying medicine think about it. We spoke to students from outside Madhya Pradesh. Priya Kumari , a second year student at Sevagram Medical College in Maharashtra, said that providing books in Hindi would make it easier for Hindi medium students. At the same time, Suraj Srivastava , a final year student, believes that those who will serve in the villages by studying in Hindi, especially in Hindi speaking areas, will be easier for them to communicate.

Sandhya , a student of a private medical college in Delhi-NCR, says that it can be difficult to study medicine in Hindi. Students studying in Hindi may also lag behind in comparison to students studying in English. Aman Chaurasia , a third year student at NMCH in Bihar, believes that it will be challenging to study medicine in Hindi. Classes will be divided among Hindi and English medium students. There may be other problems with this.

Expectations are attached but challenges are also not less

The Madhya Pradesh government has high hopes from this project. On the other hand, its challenges are also big, about which we read above. MP's Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang says that this entire project has been brought under the National Education Program of the country. The objective of the NEP has been to provide education to the students in their mother tongue. That's what we've tried. This experiment is new for publishers who publish medical books in Hindi. According to the report, the size of books translated into Hindi has also increased. Some books had to be brought in 2-2 volumes.

However, these books are being launched by Home Minister Amit Shah, whose ministry has raised objections to the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language. The committee has recommended that Hindi should be the medium of instruction in educational institutions like Kendriya Vidyalayas, Central Universities and IITs in Hindi speaking states. At the same time, education should be made available in other parts of the country also in local languages. The southern states have protested against this.

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