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Monday, October 17, 2022

Vaishali Thakkar commits suicide, know from experts why people commit suicide

After the suicide of Vaishali Thakkar, many types of questions are arising. In this regard, psychiatrists say that before committing suicide, thoughts start coming in the mind of the person that now his life has no importance.

Actress Vaishali Thakkar committed suicide by hanging herself at the age of 30 . After the death of Vaishali, a personal diary has been recovered from her actress room. According to the police, it is written in this diary that his neighbors were torturing him mentally for two and a half years. Due to being mentally disturbed, he has taken this step. Doctors tell that the cases of suicide are increasing continuously in India. According to WHO data, about 100 million people out of the total population of the country are suffering from some kind of mental problem.

Now in such a situation, the question arises whether someone can commit suicide due to poor mental health and mental harassment. To know the answers to many such questions, 

Psychiatrist Dr Rajkumar explains that people commit suicide due to poor mental condition, but this does not happen in a day or two months. This situation builds up gradually. When the mental health deteriorates completely and the person does not have control over his brain, then he commits suicide. This is the final stage of depression. Before committing suicide, any person thinks about this many times.

Suicidal ideation leads to suicidal thoughts

Dr. Kumar explains that the repeated occurrence of suicidal thoughts in the mind is called suicidal ideation in medical language. It is also not necessary that there should be only one reason for committing suicide. Many types of mental stress can force this to happen. People suffering from depression see the world as negative. Living life fills their mind.

In such a situation, people think that now their life is useless and there is nothing left in it. It is seen that people who are in depression and are battling it for a long time. He takes a step like suicide. However, many neurological problems can also be behind the idea of ​​​​suicide.

A major cause of poor neurological status

Psychiatrist Dr. Deepak Kumar explains that due to the chemical imbalance and neurological changes in the brain, the patient's brain does not work properly. Thoughts start coming in his mind that now he should end his life. A person thinks about taking these steps for several days or months before committing suicide. If during this time someone pays attention to him or gets treatment after seeing his mental condition, then suicide can be prevented.

This problem can be overcome like this

Dr. Deepak says that depression and neurological problems of the brain cause suicide. In such a situation, it is most important that if you do not feel like doing any work. If you are alone in yourself and always have negative thoughts in your mind, then immediately consult a doctor. Because it is a sign of poor mental condition. Apart from this, it is also important to always think positive. Keep your diet and lifestyle right.

Get enough sleep and you can also take the help of yoga and pranayama. If the mental health of any of your friends or acquaintances is not feeling well for you, then talk to him about this and advise for counseling. Don't hesitate to talk to the doctor at all. Because by paying attention to mental health at the right time, many problems can be easily avoided.

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