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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Karwachauth: Now do facials at home, not parlors, this is how you will get glow in a low budget

Chemical products found in facials can harm your skin. In such a situation, today we tell you homemade facials which will also be beneficial for the skin and no harm will be done to the skin.

The festival of Karva Chauth is very special for women. Women start preparations for this festival a month in advance. On the day of Karva Chauth, women prepare and fast. On the one hand, some women prefer to get ready at home. So there, some women turn to beauty parlors. She does different types of facials . However, sometimes beauty products cause great damage to the skin. We tell you about homemade facials, which will also be in your budget and will not harm your skin.

Facial with milk

Many women do not have time to go to the parlor but some of them go to the parlor keeping the budget in mind. In such a situation, you can do parlor-like facials sitting at home at a low cost. You can do facials with raw milk at home. Many nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are found in raw milk. It helps to clean your skin. Apart from this, applying raw milk on the face also brings instant glow. Be aware that lactic acid is found in milk, which exfoliates the face naturally.

Use like this

You can do facial cleansing with raw milk. In fact, cleansing is the first step. This will remove all the dust and soil present in the skin. You take 3 spoons of raw milk and lemon. Then mix lemon and raw milk well in a bowl. After mixing, apply it on your face for 5 to 7 minutes and wash it off with water.


The second step of the facial is scrubbing. For this, mix raw milk, a little sugar, lentils and rice flour. Keep in mind that grind the lentils and add them. Wash your face after scrubbing it for 5 minutes.

Face pack

Facial The third and last step is the face pack. For this, prepare a face pack with coffee, raw milk, aloe vera and honey. Apply this mixture on the face for 15 minutes and wash it. After this, you apply serum on your face, so that your skin will not be dry.

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