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Thursday, October 6, 2022

After all, what was in the cough syrup that killed 66 people? now what next

An alert has been issued regarding India's cough and cold syrup and now WHO is going to investigate this matter. So know what was there in this cough syrup, which is believed to be the cause of death of people.

India's cough syrup is in discussion and the reason for coming in the discussion is the death of 66 people in Gambia. Actually, the connection of people who have died in The Gambia is being told with cough syrup. The special thing is that this cough syrup is being told from India and now the World Health Organization has issued an alert regarding this. Also, there will be an investigation regarding cough syrup. In such a situation, the question is, what was it in these cough syrups that due to which people died.

So know what was found in the cough syrup and what information has come to the fore about this Indian cough syrup. Also, we know that such cases have come to the fore in the past, when what had come out.

What is the Gambia case?

WHO has issued an alert regarding cough and cold syrup made by Maiden Pharmaceuticals in India. Actually, samples of four syrups were tested, they include cough and cold syrups being made by Maiden Pharmaceutical Limited of India. Let us tell you that in the last month i.e. in September, 60 children died in The Gambia. It is being told that these children had drunk some cough syrup, due to which the problem in the kidneys of these children came to the fore. After this the government is now investigating the reasons behind these deaths.

What was in the cough syrup?

In a report given by WHO, it has been revealed that excessive amounts of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol have been found in the cough and cold syrups of Maiden Pharmaceuticals, which cannot be accepted. It is being told that this syrup was drunk by children 

What is the effect of these products?

Now let's talk about those substances which have been found in abundance in cough syrup. Diethylene glycol (DEG) is a type of chemical, which is used in many medicines as well as other products. Due to its excess and not having a controlled dosage in its quantity, it acts as a poison. This has a great effect on the immune system to the kidneys. The risk of poisoning is highest due to this and its consumption can cause problems like stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, altered mental status. Its biggest effect is on the kidney and sometimes it also becomes the cause of death. An adult should not give more than 1 mL/kg of pure DEG.

Ethylene glycol is also counted among toxic substances. It is also used as antifreeze in vehicles. Most of it is used for freezing. But, consuming it in excess can be the cause of death. It is derived from ethylene oxide, which comes from ethylene.

Cough syrup is not in the news for the first time?

Last year, 16 children fell ill due to cough syrup in Delhi, while 3 children died. The investigation report has found that children have died due to side effects of dextromethorphan cough syrup. Earlier, nine children died after consuming a cough syrup once in Udhampur, Jammu. It was found in the report that in Jammu, children had died due to Diethylene Glycol, a toxic compound present in cough Gambia.

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