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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Are girls maturing prematurely? Here are its causes and side effects

Nowadays it is being seen that maturity has started coming in girls before their age. So today let's try to understand what are its signs and what are its causes...

Nowadays it is being seen that the signs of maturity are visible in girls before their age. This maturity of girls is called puberty and now puberty is being seen early in many girls i.e. physical and hormonal changes have started happening early. In such a situation, the question is why this is happening, it is a matter of concern that in many reports, the reason for this has been told to the phone.

First let us tell you what is puberty. Actually, puberty is a time when changes in the body of girls start and some growth is visible. During this, the height of girls starts increasing, changes start in private parts, skin changes, which includes pimples etc.

What is puberty time? Let us tell you that between 8 years and 14 years, the signs of puberty start appearing in girls. In such a situation, if there are changes even for 14 years, then there is nothing to worry about, because it depends on every body.

What happens with early puberty? Explain that early puberty leads to depression, substance abuse and changes in sexual behavior in girls.

What is the reason for this- Due to smart gadgets, premature puberty is coming in small girls. In many reports, it has been found that the reason for early puberty in girls is smartphone. This effect is due to the LED.

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