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Monday, August 8, 2022

These are also signs of domestic violence, by identifying them, women protect themselves from toxic people

Not only physical harm, but mental torture is also a form of domestic violence. By observing and understanding some signs, action can be taken against domestic violence in time.

Abusing can make a relationship toxic.
Questioning someone's character can mentally torture him.

Domestic Violence And Toxic Relation: Many women are victims of domestic violence but due to various reasons, they keep on suffering and are unable to break their silence and raise their voice against the wrong. There can be many reasons including the respect of family, fear of breaking the relationship, worry about children and their future, but there are many cases where women do not even understand that wrong is happening to them.

Mental torture, physical harm, etc. are red signals, identifying which it is very important for women to protect themselves in time, otherwise problems may increase later. According to MayoClinic , it may not be easy to identify domestic violence in the first place. And some relationships are clearly abusive from the start. What seems small in the beginning can turn into a serious problem later on. However, if you do not ignore some signs, you can save yourself from a toxic relationship and people.

How to identify toxic relationship and domestic violence

If someone calls you by a derogatory name and always humiliates you.
- Prevents you from working or going to school, college or office.

- Prevents meeting with family members or friends.
- Interrupts on your wearing, dressing, medicine expenses etc.

- Accuses you of being a fraud without making a mistake or questions your character.
- Behaves violently with you.
– Hurts you or tries to do so.
Hits, kicks, pushes, slaps or hurts you, your children or your pets.

Forces you to be physical against your will.
Blames you for his violent behavior or tells you that you deserve it.

If someone at home or your partner is behaving like this with you, then take the help of a trusted person or a friend. If you feel that you are not safe or your life is in danger, you can also take the help of women helpline or NGO etc.

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