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Monday, August 29, 2022

Onam 2022: When is Onam, know why and how the festival of Onam is celebrated

The festival of Onam is celebrated with pomp in Kerala. 
People start preparations for this festival a few days in advance. This festival is celebrated for 10 days. Let us know here why this festival is celebrated and how it is celebrated.

Onam is a popular festival of Kerala. Onam festival is celebrated with pomp in Kerala. This festival is celebrated for 10 days. Kerala is very famous for greenery and beautiful views, but during Onam, the beauty of Kerala increases even more. During this time people decorate their homes with colorful flowers. People from all over the country and abroad come to visit Kerala during Onam . This year this festival will start from 23 August and this festival will be celebrated till 8 September. Let us know why and how this festival is celebrated.

Mythological beliefs…

It is believed that there was a demon named Mahabali. He took great care of his subjects. This was the reason that his subjects worshiped him like gods. Once he went to King Bali in the form of Shri Hari Vamana and asked King Bali for three weights. King Bali had to go to Hades to fulfill his promises. This made his people very sad. Seeing this love, Shrihari gave this boon that he would be able to go once a year to meet his subjects. It is believed that that is why the festival of Onam is celebrated. It is believed that King Bali will meet his subjects. Will take away their sorrows.

This is how the festival is celebrated

Various delicious dishes are prepared on the special occasion of Onam. These include Pachadi, Rasam, Puliseri, Erissery, Kheer and Avial etc. People of Kerala cook 18 dishes with only milk during the festival of Onam. During this festival, people come from far and wide to roam here. Various sports competitions are organized. There is a boat race. Boats are decorated with flowers. There is dancing and singing. During this, people dress up like lions and cheetahs and dance on the streets. This is known as the Play of the Tigers. Women decorate their houses with colorful flowers to welcome King Bali. Makes Rangoli. Rangoli is decorated with lamps. On this day people wish each other a happy festival. The traditional banquet is served on a banana leaf. Kheer is made from rice, coconut milk and jaggery on this day.

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