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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Dead body ritual: Why not leave the dead body alone after someone's death? Know the biggest reason

Garuda purana dead body ritual: After the death of someone, the family members sit with the dead body throughout the night, as well as why the lamp is lit near the dead body? Traditions after death have been mentioned in the Garuda Purana, which is important to know.

Cremation in Hinduism: The death of any creature that has taken birth on earth is also irrevocable. Every human being has to die at some point of time. Cremation is also considered as one of the main rites of Hindu religion, which is completed with complete rituals. There is a tradition in Hinduism to dedicate the dead body to the fire, meaning the dead body is burnt after death. Along with this, there are also rules regarding funeral, which are necessary to follow. Garuda Purana mentions some such legislations in which it has been told that why a person is not cremated after sunset, as well as why the dead body is not left alone.

Funeral is not held after sunset

If a person dies after sunset, then his cremation is done the next morning only. During this, the dead body is kept on the ground overnight and someone or the other definitely sits with it all night. The reason behind this is given in Garuda Purana. Firstly, if someone is cremated after sunset, then that person gets degraded and he cannot get salvation. Such a soul is reborn in a vampire or asura vagina.

Choosing the right time for cremation has also been considered necessary. If someone dies during the Panchak period, then his last rites are performed only after the end of the period. During this, someone has to sit with the dead body till the Panchak is over. If someone is cremated during the Panchak period, then five other people can also die in the family of that person. A solution has also been told for this, according to which 5 effigies of gram flour or dry grass along with the dead body are also cremated with full rules.

Why is it necessary to sit with the dead body at night?

The reason behind sitting with the dead body all night is also mentioned in Garuda Purana. According to this, if the dead body is left alone, then evil spirit can enter it during the night and can cause some evil work through that body. This is the reason that at night someone definitely sits near the dead body and that place is kept clean. Apart from this, an incense stick or lamp is lit there so that no evil spirit can enter the dead body in the holy light of fire.

Apart from this, even to save the dead body from any kind of damage, it is not left alone. A dog or any other creature can harm the dead body kept on the ground. If this happens to a dead body, then he may have to face similar torture in Yamlok. 

There is also a belief in Hinduism that the last rites of the dead body are performed only by the son or daughter of the deceased. If the parts of the deceased are away from them, then they are waited till their arrival. In such a situation, sometimes the dead body has to be kept for the whole night. The funeral of the deceased is believed by the hands of the son and through this the soul of the deceased gets peace. Otherwise the soul keeps wandering in search of rebirth or salvation.

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