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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Health Tips: If sleep opens again and again at night, keep these special things in mind

Health Tips: Due to not taking good sleep, one feels tired throughout the day. 
Problems like stress and anxiety have to be faced. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of some things for good sleep.

Good sleep is very important for health. These days people are not able to get good and sound sleep due to poor lifestyle . It has a very bad effect on our health. These days people often have to face this problem. Due to not sleeping properly at night, one feels tired throughout the day. Work productivity is low. In such a situation it is important that you adopt a healthy lifestyle. According to a report by Indian Express, what are the benefits of sleeping and what should we keep in mind for good sleep , let's find out.

Benefits of good and deep sleep

We stay fresh by taking good and deep sleep. Productivity of work increases. Sleep removes the tiredness of our day. It removes stress. While sleeping, it seems that the body is resting, but it plays an important role in recovering from the damage done to the body throughout the day. With this you start the next day fresh. That's why a good and deep sleep is very important.

how many hours a person should sleep

According to the report, the sleeping time depends on your age. Newborn babies should get 14-15 hours of sleep daily. Children need 12 to 14 hours of sleep. Teenagers need 10-12 hours of sleep, adults 8-10 hours, people between 50-60 years of age need 7-8 hours and people above 60 years of age need 6-7 hours of sleep.

what are sleep problems

There are 4 types of sleep related problems. These include insomnia, parasomnia, hypersomnia and circadian rhythm disorder. During Insomnia the person is unable to sleep. During parasomnia, a person behaves abnormally. This includes moving around in sleep, talking etc. Hypersomnia involves excessive sleepiness. Circadian rhythm disorder is a condition in which a person is awake at night but sleeps during the day. There are different reasons for these problems. Some of the causes of insomnia include depression, anxiety, stress, work pressure and consuming too much coffee and tea in the evening etc.

watching the screen for a long time

Whether you are suffering from any sleep disorder or not, but for a sound and sound sleep, keep things like laptop, television and mobile phone out of the bedroom. These things interfere with good sleep. Therefore it is advised to keep them away.

good sleep lifestyle

Having a good lifestyle is very important for good sleep. Eat food on time. Go to sleep on time. Eat food 2-3 hours before sleeping. Drink healthy drinks, read books, go to bed at the same time and turn off your phone.


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