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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Which parts of the body can be donated, this is the whole process

After death our body has to be mixed with the soil. 
That is why nowadays people are being made aware to donate organs after death. Because by donating the organs of a dead person, the broken breath of someone's life can again run at its own pace. Some parts of the body can be donated after death. There is a process for this and it is legal. Organ donation is a process in which healthy organs and tissues are taken from a human (dead and sometimes even living). These organs are then transplanted into the bodies of the needy.

It is said that about 50 needy people can be helped by a single organ donation. According to one figure, about 5 lakh people die every year in India due to lack of organ donation. In India, only 0.26 percent people donate organs per million people.

Which organs can be donated

There are two types of organ donation. First living organ donation and second organ donation after death. In living organ donation, a person can donate some part of kidney and pancreas to help the needy. In organ donation after death, all those organs of the deceased person can be donated which work properly. Organ donation generally includes 8 organs, which can be donated. Kidney, liver, lung, heart, pancreas and intestine organs of a deceased person can be donated.

If a living person wants, he can donate one kidney, one lung, some part of liver, pancreas and some part of intestine. Apart from this, all other organs including eyes are donated only after death.

Who can

Any person can donate an organ. There is no compulsion on any kind of age regarding this. Organ donations from newborns to 90-year-olds have proved successful. However, if a person under the age of 18 wants to donate his organs, he will need the approval of his parents.

What are the rules and regulations for this

Rules and regulations have been made in the country for organ donation. It is strictly followed. If someone wants to donate an organ, then for this he has to fill the pledge form. Only after this you can participate in the process of organ donation. For this you can apply on www.organindia.org. After successful registration here, a donor card is sent by the institute on which the unique government registration number is written. These numbers are registered with all organ and tissue transplant organizations.

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