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Saturday, September 4, 2021

What is White Sugar and why it is dangerous for kids and for everyone

Long ago Mahatma Gandhi had called sugar 'sweet poison' and today the white sugar present in the market is engaged in proving this fact right. 
White sugar means that form of sugar that has come out after being processed and in which many types of chemicals are also mixed. Therefore it is considered very dangerous. If your child often demands things like cold drinks, chocolate or ice cream, then you explain to him that these things can harm him. This is because white sugar is used in all these things and because of this, your child can become a victim of a disease like depression.

Do not give chocolate ice cream to children

White sugar is prepared from sugarcane itself but it has to go through many types of chemical processing. It is liked by more people because of its whiteness. But it does not contain nutrients like minerals and iron. It is sweet enough even when used in small amounts. White sugar is present in the market today from juice to chocolate. Children's teeth can be damaged due to this Chinese habit. White sugar can have an effect on the calcium and phosphorus present in the teeth. White sugar also increases the weight of your child. Apart from this, the development of children is affected due to the chemicals and carbohydrates present in it.

Where is the experiment

High amounts of chemically processed sugar and carbohydrates can make children physically weak. Too much sugar can make children suffer from depression and their concentration can also be affected. Not only this, if they consume more of it, then their memory also starts getting affected. It is also dangerous for the elders of the house apart from the children. According to the American Heart Association, men should consume no more than 150 calories, or about 37.5 grams (about 9 tsp) of sugar daily. Generally, white sugar is used more. White sugar is used to make tea, pudding, kheer, bakery, cakes and all kinds of sweets.

why is sugar dangerous

Excessive consumption of any food item can be harmful to your body and can lead to many health problems. Consumption of sugar can be harmful for heart and sugar patients. Consumption of sugar increases the amount of sugar in the blood and there is also a risk of obesity. White sugar should be consumed in moderation. Even foods made with sugar like chocolates, cakes, cold drinks etc. should be avoided as much as possible. Adding a sweet taste to your dish requires both sugars and should be limited to just that.

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