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Saturday, September 4, 2021

A village in Nigeria where women and men speak different language

There are many places around the world which have many different dialects, but have you heard that there is a village where women and men speak different dialects. 
Yes, you must have been surprised to know this, but it is true. We are talking about a village in southern Nigeria. In fact, in a village in southern Nigeria, men and women speak different languages. This thing is not less than any wonder for all of you that the language of two groups should be different by staying at the same place.

The farming community in Ubang thinks that God's blessings remain on the men and women who speak different languages. The women here refer to one thing as something else, while the men use a different word for the same thing.

For example, if the men here call the cloth 'Naki', then the women use 'Ariga' for it. For men, 'Kitchi' means tree, while women refer to the tree as 'Okwang'. In the language here, not only the difference of speaking, but the whole words are different. You know, their words have nothing to do with each other.

Know what is interesting in their quote

There are so many words that men and women share alike, then there are others that are completely different depending on your gender. They don't sound alike, they don't even have the same letters, they're completely different words.

The interesting thing is that men and women easily understand each other's language. The reason for this may be that boys grow up to speak feminine languages ​​because they spend most of their time with their mothers and other women in their childhood.

Boys are expected to speak the 'male language' by the age of 10. No boy is asked to switch to 'male language'. However, if the child does not start speaking the right language by the right age, it is considered abnormal.

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