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Saturday, September 11, 2021

VIRAL NEWS: This woman who became a millionaire at the age of just 29

There is hardly a person in this world who does not dream of becoming a millionaire. 
Everyone is dreaming of becoming rich. They are also trying their best to implement it. Currently a hundred. A 29-year-old woman's account is going viral on the media. This woman has saved crores of rupees at the age of 29. Now she is sharing money investment tips among all.

Women become millionaires at an early age

Katie, 29, who lives in Los Angeles, USA, is very lucky to save money. At such a young age, he has saved over Rs 7 crore. She is planning to retire by raising another Rs 1 crore in 35 years. So, at this age, people are thinking of spending money and enjoying it. But Katie's plan is something different.

Katie said she has reduced costs for no reason since she started saving. Earlier, she used to pay around Rs 17,000 as a gym member. She was getting her hair cut from an expensive salon. For which she was giving 44 thousand rupees. But now it has cut costs. Besides, she does not buy anything connected with luxury.

Work in a company with more celery

Katie worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. His celery was low there. He later started working as a graphic designer in a tech company. Where his salary went up. He advises everyone to keep changing the company for financial growth.

Every savings needed

When Katie started saving, she already had Rs 22 lakh in her account. He now invests his money in retirement accounts, index ponds and health savings accounts.

Try to save the rent

Katie moved in with her parents because of the corona virus. Has lived with it ever since. Also, Katie doesn't have to pay rent. This saved him more money.

Celebrate every success

Katie saves 80 percent of her income. But that doesn't mean she has to go on trips to have fun with friends. Enjoy your life well and focus more on saving.

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