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Sunday, September 12, 2021

These Bad Habits Can Make You Poor

Bad Habits Can Make You Poor: Often people make many such mistakes on which they are unable to pay attention, but according to Vastu Tips, these are very big mistakes. You may also have to pay a heavy price for these mistakes. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such bad habits which have a bad effect on your life. Let us know what those habits are- 

Eating on the bed- According to Vastu, one should never eat food while sitting on the bed . This creates unrest in the house. And the debt rises on the members of the household. Along with this, it also proves to be very harmful for health. 

Leftover Utensils- Many people leave the dirty utensils like this after eating food and clean them the next day. Leaving dirty utensils in the kitchen is considered an insult to Mother Annapurna, it brings negative energy in the house. Along with this comes stress in life. 

Do this work before sleeping- Keeping a bucket full of water in the kitchen of the house before sleeping at night gives a lot of benefit. Apart from this, keeping a bucket full in the bathroom opens the way for progress in your life. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is also pleased with you by keeping a bucket full in the bathroom.

Keeping garbage at the main gate- Many people keep garbage at the main gate of the house so that they can easily throw it in the morning. Keeping the dustbin outside the house spoils your relations with the neighbors.

Do not do these things after sunset- Milk, curd, onion and salt should not be given after sunset even if someone asks for it by mistake. Giving these things to someone after sunset, ruins your house.

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