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Friday, September 10, 2021

State Bank Of India SBI how to rent your place for ATM And what is the process of it check here all details

State Bank of India has opened its ATMs in every area, so that customers do not face any difficulty. 
You must have also seen that there will be an ATM in your area too and now apart from the bank premises, there are ATMs in the shops as well. Banks are also opening private places on rent. If you also have an empty shop or land lying with you, then you can get an ATM installed in it and earn good money.

If you also want to install ATM on your shop or land, then we tell you how your land can be rented for ATM. Also know how to earn from ATM and what is the process of getting ATM installed.

How to get SBI ATM installed?

If you want to install SBI ATM, then you have to first contact the bank. According to the rules stated by the bank, the application for installation of ATM will have to be given to the SBI Regional Business Office (RBO) working in your area. The bank says, 'You can get the address of the RBO of your area from The address can also be obtained from our nearest branch. It is displayed in the banking hall of all the branches working under that RBO.

How to get ATM installed?

If you also want to earn from ATM then you must have a place. The land should be such that where the ATM can be setup. This place can also be like a shop, but the shop should be a little bigger according to the ATM. Apart from contacting the bank directly, many agencies also do the work of installing ATMs, which you can contact. Among these agencies there are many names like Tata Indicash ATM, Muthoot ATM, India One ATM.

how is earning

There are two ways to earn money by installing an ATM. In a deal, it is a matter that you are given rent on a monthly basis and there is a contract for it. Along with this, many companies deal on the basis of transaction. The more transactions there are in that ATM, the more profit the owner will get. That is, the fare is given on the basis of the transaction. Monthly rent depends on the location, size of the property etc.

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