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Friday, September 10, 2021

Never do such a joke with your life partner, it can have a bad effect on your relationship

The relationship between husband and wife is very sensitive. 
This relationship is based on the foundation of love and trust. In this, it is very important for both of them to respect each other, only then your married life can become pleasant. In such a situation, neither of the husband or wife should say anything to their spouse which will hurt him.

Bitter words coming out of the mouth sit on the mind and they affect your relationship from time to time. This weakens your bonding. That's why one should never say anything to the partner even in jokes.

what would happen to me without you

Many times people jokingly say that what would happen to you without me. By this they show their importance more. But keep in mind that the participation of both in married life is equal. There is no more or less in it. So don't let such things come in your midst even in jokes.

i miss my ex

Many times people start sharing anything due to good bonding with partner, but some things hurt your partner and make your relationship weak. That's why never talk about X with your partner. Don't compare him to your ex.

you get sad about everything

A person talks about his happiness the most, but he is able to talk about sadness only with whom he has the most confidence. In such a situation, people often tell their heart to their spouse. In this situation, the partner should not ignore. Nor should it be rebuked that you become unhappy over everything. In such a situation, you should support him and explain with love.

don't comment on looks

No one is perfect in the world. Between you and your partner, someone will be more smart and beautiful, then someone less. But you should never comment about looks. It hurts the honor and dignity of the person. Due to this, the mind of your partner is sad and a situation of separation can also arise in his mind towards you. So don't do it even for a joke.

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