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Sunday, September 5, 2021

If you use local charger then be careful immediately, your phone may explode

Today mobile phone has become the need of every human being. 
However, sometimes we take care of its maintenance. 
Which can prove to be very fatal for us . We have heard such reports many times  that someone's mobile phone exploded. Today we are going to tell you about mobile phone explosion and its protection . 

While charging the mobile, the radiation around your mobile remains high. So never charge your phone with a local charger. Apart from this, never use a duplicate battery. The charger of the brand of smartphone you are using should be used. Apart from this, never let the pins of the charger get wet. If this has ever happened, then put it on charging only after knowing the pin is dry.

On the other hand, if the battery of your phone has deteriorated, then replace it immediately and always use the original battery only. Never charge the phone 100%. Take your phone out of charging at 80 to 90 percent only. Otherwise your phone may get overcharged and the chances of an explosion increase.

The battery gets hot due to excessive charging of the phone . Never talk on the phone while charging. Due to this the phone may explode. Sometimes due to your mistakes, the battery can overheat and explode . The cells of the battery keep getting dead, due to which the chemical inside the phone changes and the  battery explodes .

If your phone's screen is blurred or went back Darkness in the screen and come prepared to call time - is hang time and processing is slow and may even blast your phone . Even when the phone gets hot while talking, the chances of your phone getting blasted increase .

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