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Friday, September 3, 2021

If you do icing on your face, then never make these mistakes

Mistakes While Icing: Sometimes icing causes many problems on the skin. This is because unknowingly you make some mistakes.

Icing Mistakes: People apply ice cubes on the face to get an instant glow on the skin, make makeup last longer, improve blood circulation and flush out toxins, but many times The results of icing are not available which should be available. Along with this, icing also causes many problems on the skin. This happens because while using ice cubes, you make some such mistakes, which you should avoid. Come, let us know which mistakes should be avoided while doing icing on the face.

not cleaning face

Most people do not clean the face before icing. While doing this mistake should be avoided and before using ice cube, the skin should be cleaned with the help of face wash. So that the oil or dirt present in the skin can be cleaned. Icing should be done only after this. This gives better results.

using ice cubes directly

Many people use ice cubes directly on the skin to make icing. Shouldn't do this. In this way, your skin gets less benefits, but it can cause irritation and irritation on the skin. For icing, you should wrap the ice cube in a cotton and light cloth and use it. Even better results come out.

icing several times

Some people use ice cubes on the face several times a day. Not only this, rub the cubes harshly on the skin. If you want better results of icing, then you also need to avoid making these mistakes. You should avoid making icing more than once a day, as well as rubbing the ice cube on the skin in a very gentle way.

ignoring skin type

Some people use ice cubes several times on the skin, regardless of the skin type. While you should not ignore your skin type. Because the skin being sensitive can cause rashes on it.

(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions.)

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