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Monday, September 6, 2021

Health Tips: Kidney Stone Patients Should Avoid Eating These Things

Due To Today's Poor Lifestyle And Unhealthy Diet, The Problem Of Stones Is Becoming Common. 
In This Disease There Is Unbearable Pain In Your Abdomen Or Related Organ. Therefore, The Patients Of Stones Have To Avoid A Little In The Diet, So Let Us Know Which Things Should Be Avoided By The Patients Of Stones-

Common Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

- Persistent Or Pain In The Abdomen. 

Sudden Unbearable Pain In One Part Of The Abdomen. 

Slight Pain While Urinating. 

-Frequent Urination.

- The Death Of Hunger.

- Nausea. 

- Weakness And Dizziness. 

- Chance Of Getting Fever.

Cut Down On These Things

Eat Less Salt

Stone Patients Should Eat Less Salt. In Such A Situation, Reduce The Amount Of Salt In Vegetables A Little. Avoid Eating Junk Food. Apart From This, Reduce The Food Of Chinese And Mexican Foods As It Is High In Salt. 

Reduce Meat Intake

Kidney Stone Patients Should Limit Eating Non-Vegetarian Food. The Amount Of Protein In Non-Veg Diet Is High. Eating Too Much Protein Has A Bad Effect On The Kidneys. The Amount Of Purine In A Non-Vegetarian Diet Is High, Due To Its Excessive Consumption, The Level Of Uric Acid Increases, Which Increases The Chances Of The Size Of The Stone Increasing.

Don't Eat Chocolate

If You Are Fond Of Eating Chocolate, Then Leave It For Some Time If You Have Stones. Oxalate Is Found In Chocolate, Due To Which Excessive Consumption Of Kidney Stones Starts Increasing.

Vitamin C Intake

Stone Patients Should Limit Eating Foods Rich In Vitamin C. The Oxalate Found In Vitamin C Stores Calcium And Does Not Allow It To Pass Through The Kidneys Into The Urine. Vitamin C Rich Foods Like Spinach, Whole Grains, Chocolate, Tomatoes Are Rich In Oxalate. Avoid Eating Them.

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