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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Big statement of former England captain, told IPL the reason behind cancellation of Manchester Test

Former captain Nasser Hussain is not happy with the cancellation of the fifth Test match between India and England to be held in Manchester. 
He has called it a big mistake but at the same time said that he understands the logic behind it. The fifth and last Test match of the series was to be played between India and England at Old Trafford, on which the decision of the series depended, but due to Corona cases in Team India, it had to be canceled as Indian players refused to take the field. The ECB and BCCI unanimously decided to cancel the match. Former England captain Hussain has also given IPL as a reason behind the cancellation of this match.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Hussain said, “This is a constantly changing situation, it is a mess. The only thing I can say to you is that this Test match, the last Test match has been cancelled. There will be no Test match here at Old Trafford. With this, India's tour of England came to an end.

sympathies with indian players

There are reports that some Indian players had refused to participate in this Test match. Hussain understands this. He said, “I sympathize with the Indian players because two of their physios have tested positive. The second physio was training the Indian players with pain before the fifth test match. You cannot do physiotherapy without contact. Those players have also come negative many times, they will be worried that after two-three days of a Test match, they may come back positive and three-four players may leave.

IPL is the reason

Hussain also feels that the decision to cancel the match is also related to the IPL. The second phase of IPL 2021 is starting from 19 September. According to him, players cannot risk their stake in the IPL. He said, “Initially the BCCI was very worried about this Test match. He wanted everything to change so that the IPL could be organized which is a huge financial advantage. Obviously it is related to the IPL, but it is a matter of players who are thinking that if I come out positive here, I will have to stay for the next 10 days.

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