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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Big news - 80 years old law related to medicines will change soon, know what is the government's preparation

A new law related to medicines, cosmetics and medical devices can come in the country soon after 81 years. 
At present, they are being produced, imported-exported and sold in the country under the Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Act made in the year 1940. However, from time to time, many governments have amended this law. According to information received from sources, now the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to make a new law. Let us tell you that talking about the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, through this law the import, distribution and sale of medicines and cosmetics can be easily regulated. By amending the same law, now the government has also included medical devices in it.

Now what is the preparation of the government

If sources are to be believed, the Modi government at the Center is soon preparing to bring a new law for medicine, cosmetics and medical equipment. A panel has also been constituted by the government for this law.

A total of eight members have been kept in the panel and its head drug controller general of India VG Somani has been made.

This panel will consider the suggestions given by the government and then submit a draft document for the new law by November 30.

Then on the basis of those recommendations a new New Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Devices Act will be made. It is important to know here that medical devices were not included in the earlier law.

But last year, the government also brought Medilac devices into the drugs category. By doing this, the power to regulate these devices also came to the government. Now a new law is also being made in this direction.

Why new law is being brought

There has been a demand for new laws and stricter laws for a long time. The old law dates back to the British era. So now according to the new age, there is a need for strict laws. Director of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Rajiv Wadhawan has been included in the panel which has been constituted by the government.

According to the ministry, there were complaints of black marketing of medicines and medical equipment during the corona epidemic (especially the second wave).

Such cases are also being seen continuously regarding medical devices, due to which some time ago the ministry had brought some devices under price control, but now the government wants to make a new law.

Apart from them, Joint Drug Controller AK Pradhan, Drug Controller of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Joint Drug Controller Dr. Easwara Reddy have also been given place. All of them have a big responsibility to prepare the draft for the new law by 30 November.

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