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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Beware: Love for momos can make you very sick, know why this street food is dangerous

Health Care Tips: Most of the people like to eat momos. 
It is easily available everywhere. There are many people who like to eat momos everyday. But many people do not know that momos are very harmful for health. Those who eat it daily, they should stop doing so from today itself.

Momos are made from all purpose flour. After this it is sold by streaming or frying. People who are fond of spicy food. Those people love to eat momos very much. Because it is served with spicy red chutney and mayonnaise. However, these momos can prove to be dangerous for your health.

red chutney is very dangerous

Let us tell you that red chutney served with momos is not good for your health at all. This chutney is not made only from red chilies. Rather, chili powder and other things are also mixed in it, which is very harmful for your health. That's enough to make you sick.

It is well known that excessive consumption of spicy foods can be very harmful for health. But momos are made from all purpose flour. Excess consumption of maida can cause stomach related problems. If you consume momos daily, it can weaken your bones.

Do not eat junk food more than once a week

Uncooked vegetables are used in momos. This is done for stuffing momos. These raw vegetables are also harmful for your health. Apart from this, consuming street food daily is harmful for your health. If you are doing this then you should try to eat junk food only once a week.

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