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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Health Tips: Cabbage eaters should be careful, you may have to take your life

Health Care Tips: Apart from making cabbage vegetable, it is also used in fast food like chowmein, momos and sometimes in salads. 
The cabbage that we eat with great fervor can sometimes become the enemy of our life. Actually, if we swallow the tapeworm along with the cabbage, then it can become the enemy of our life.

These tapeworms can develop in our intestines and reach other parts of the body along with the blood stream. Sometimes they can even reach the brain. Many such cases have come to the fore in the last few years. People who consume cabbage raw, the chances of tapeworm reaching their body are very high. This microscopic worm can prove to be fatal for a person by reaching his mind.

It is a kind of microscopic worm. Cases of danger regarding tapeworms in India were seen only for about 20-25 years. In some parts of the country, patients had reached the hospital complaining of severe headache. In many such cases, the patient was also having seizures like epilepsy. Many patients lost their lives. Because they had reached their mind in large numbers. Some patients (whose lives were saved) later stopped eating cabbage altogether.

Those who came to know about such cases also thought it good to keep distance from cabbage. Due to the fear of tapeworms, people considered it good to stay away from nutritious vegetables like cabbage. Let us tell you that cases of infection of tapeworm are found all over the world, but due to difference in the methods of food handling etc., cases of its infection are found more in India.

Tapeworms reach the human body in the form of vegetables, salads, which harm us in two ways. They are very subtle due to which they are not visible. Even after washing the cabbage properly, it remains stuck in the middle of the leaves. In such a situation, when we consume raw cabbage, then the possibility of reaching it in our body is the highest. Even when the food remains uncooked, it reaches our body. That is why now a large number of people have started avoiding cabbage.

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