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Monday, August 9, 2021

What is Vertigo Attack, know its causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment

Bollywood actress Nushrat Bharucha recently had a vertigo attack due to which she had to be admitted to the hospital. So what is Vertigo Attack? What is causing this problem? What are its symptoms? Know about all these in detail.

Bollywood actress Nusrat Bharucha had to be admitted to the hospital a few days ago. Because of this vertigo attack. Nusrat then told in an interview that according to doctors, she had a vertigo attack. Due to continuous work, his blood pressure had dropped to 65/55. Although her condition is fine now, but do not make the mistake of ignoring this problem because most of the women have the problem of vertigo attack. So let's know its causes, symptoms and prevention.

cause of vertigo

Due to the reduced supply of blood in the body, blood pressure starts falling, due to which an attack of vertigo can come. It gets dizzy. The mistake of avoiding food due to continuous work is also a big reason for this because the body does not get the energy it needs to work. Apart from this, taking too much tension can also happen. According to health experts, the effect of vertigo can last for a while and also for a long time. 

other reasons

1 . Accumulation of calcium carbonate in the blood vessels of the ear.

2 . ear infection

3 . due to meniere's disease

4 . Causes of vestibular migraine

5 . labyrinthitis

Symptoms of Vertigo

- Dizziness, darkening before the eyes.

- Excessive sweating.

Feeling of weakness throughout the day.

Headache starts with loud noise.

- Unable to maintain balance while walking.

- Hearing less.

- Fear of heights.

Feeling of falling all the time.

Vertigo treatment

In case of vertigo attack, doctors recommend complete rest for a few days and it provides a lot of relief. If you are very worried about something, then do not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist at all. If the problem is severe, doctors also give antibiotics.

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