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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Unable to bear the pressure of urine may be the problem of urinary incontinence, get rid of it like this

After a certain age, some women often complain that it becomes difficult for them to bear the pressure of urine during travel or many times there is sudden urine discharge while sneezing and coughing. Why this happens and what are its solutions, today we will know about it.

Actually the structure of the bladder is expanding and contracting and urine keeps accumulating in it. Urine comes out only due to its expansion and contraction. Sometimes the nervous system is out of control over the process of bladder expansion and sudden urine discharge occurs, it becomes difficult to tolerate the pressure of urine even for a few minutes. Such a physical condition is called urinary incontinence.

main reason

- Loosening of the pelvic area muscles after delivery

- downward tilt of the bladder

This happens due to increased pressure on the bladder in obesity or pregnancy, but this problem goes away on its own after delivery.

- Decreased bladder and kidney function with aging

Hormone imbalance after menopause.

After uterus removal surgery, the pelvic area becomes weak, due to which women are unable to bear the pressure of urine.

In the problem of severe arthritis, even if someone has trouble going to the toilet, he may still have urine discharge on the way.

In the problem of diabetes, the nerves start to weaken, due to which the sensory ability of the person is affected and he does not feel the pressure of urine at the right time.

This problem can also happen with Alzheimer's patients because due to lack of communication between the brain and urinary system, the patient gets urine discharge at any time.

This problem can happen to anyone, woman or man. Sometimes such symptoms are seen in women even if there is infection in the urine.

prevention and treatment

Control increasing weight through balanced diet and exercise.

Do Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic area by learning from the trainer.

If you see any symptoms of the problem, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

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