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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Follow this recipe only once a week, white hair will turn black again

Gray Hair Solution: Try using these home remedies to darken white hair naturally.

Treating gray hair is not that easy. It requires the right method and patience. To darken white hair, you should use some natural remedies (White Hair to Black Solution) instead of hair color The two remedies mentioned here can also make you white hair black again from the root and white hair will stop growing. White hair black to domestic measures (Home Remedies for White Hair) you can benefit by adopting the first time in weeks.

With the help of
Gray Hair Home Remedies , you can darken the white hair in such a way that it will stop appearing easily. At the same time, the growth of white hair will also stop. Come, let us know two effective home remedies for white hair.

How to make hair black: Amla and henna
, soak 10-12 spoons of amla powder or a handful of amla in 2 cups of water in an iron vessel overnight. Make a paste in the morning and add 2 teaspoons of coffee powder, 3 teaspoons of lemon juice and 3-4 teaspoons of henna powder to it. Now apply this paste well from the roots to the ends of the hair and let it dry for two hours. After this, you just have to wash the hair with water and dry it.

When the hair is dry, apply hair oil on the head and keep it overnight and wash the hair with mild shampoo the next morning. Don't forget to use conditioner after this. Try this remedy to darken white hair once a week for 3 consecutive months. Keep in mind that if you have long hair, then increase the amount of amla powder or amla, but accordingly increase the amount of coffee, lemon juice and henna powder. Ingredients are very important in this recipe.

Onion juice for
hair You can also use onion juice to stop white hair and make them black again. You grind the peeled onion in a mixer and then filter it and extract the juice. Apply this onion juice from the roots to the ends of the hair and wash it after 20-30 minutes with a mild shampoo. You have to try this recipe for black hair 3 times a week. Your white hair will turn black and it will stop falling. Keep in mind that onion juice can also be extracted once for a whole week, but it is better that you use fresh onion juice every time.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given only for the purpose of education.

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