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Sunday, August 22, 2021

This scientist considers India to be more powerful than China.

Noam Chomsky is considered the world's greatest linguist and political philosopher of the century. 
His research ranges from science to medicine. He was previously a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. Retiring from there, he started lecturing all over the world on various topics. According to him, India has so much power that it can surpass China. He has explained this through some of his own arguments.

Only two of the oldest democracies:

According to Chomsky, the only two oldest democracies in the world are Britain and the United States. The current condition of both of them is very serious at present. The two countries are currently facing day-to-day turmoil and a host of other political issues. At the same time, the neo-liberal program that has been going on in these countries for 40 years is taking a heavy toll on the people today. Due to the policy of raising maximum money here, the current democratic system is constantly going down. If you leave everything in the hands of the people, then what will be the result?

He went on to say that today's young generation is a unique generation in human history. At present, the kind of crisis that surrounds the whole world, it seems that this age-old history of the human race will now be only on the pages. The current situation is entirely based on the ideology of the younger generation. If the young generation wants, these years can save the history of the old human species from being destroyed. Currently, the United States and Europe are emphasizing the use of natural resources, but not enough. Nothing will happen until the youth take responsibility.

India can overtake China:

At the end of the discussion, he refreshed his visits to India and said, "Every time I visit India, I have experienced something different and better." This is a wonderful country. Here, he said, he saw both extreme luxury and abject poverty. He found that India was the richest country in the 18th century before the arrival of the British. "India still has the potential to become a global power if it needs a leader who believes in democratic values," he said. The road is a bit confusing but India has the strength to overtake China.

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