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Monday, August 9, 2021

This amazing drink will reduce weight in a few weeks, fat will disappear

Weight Loss with ajwain: If you also want to lose weight, then this news can be useful for you.

Weight Loss with ajwain:  Obesity can make us a victim of many serious diseases. If it is not controlled in time, then the problem gets worse. However, losing weight is not less than a challenge. Some people sweat profusely in the gym for this, while some go straight to the doctor. Apart from all this, we are telling you about such a drink, which can be effective in weight loss. 

This drink is prepared from carom seeds and cumin seeds. Some such elements are found in both cumin and ajwain, which are helpful in weight loss. You can lose weight regularly in a few weeks.

According to well-known Ayurveda doctor Abrar Multani, obesity increases the risk of dangerous diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, increased uric acid and diabetes. This is the reason why it should be reduced during this time. 

How cumin and carom
seeds are helpful in weight loss Anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic elements are found in cumin, which can be helpful in reducing inflammation from the body. Along with this, the elements found in it also control the cholesterol level, which reduces the risk of obesity. At the same time, apart from iron, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, celery contains many other nutrients, which are beneficial for overall health. Ajwain is a low calorie food, the use of which will help in reducing weight. The elements found in it makes the metabolic rate strong. 

Prepare in this way an amazing
drink to lose weight, Ajwain and cumin drink makes it easy to lose weight. 
To prepare it, one teaspoon cumin, the same amount of fennel, one teaspoon soda and a teaspoon full of celery will be needed. First of all, boil 2 glasses of water in a vessel. Now drop cumin, soda, fennel and carom seeds in it. When it boils well, then add honey to it. When it remains half in the vessel, sieve this drink and drink it when it is lukewarm. You can consume it empty stomach.

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