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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The scum of your ear is of great use, which is not wax, know what is Ear Wax and why it is important

Hearing this ear scum, many of you must have started getting annoyed, then some people start thinking, how does this scum come in the ear and what is its use. 
Maybe you will not know but ear wax is very important. You will be surprised to know but it is not scum, but ear wax. Often you must have seen many people digging the ear or scraping it with something. Many of you will also be troubled by the habit of removing earwax. But hardly you know that what you are considering as scum is actually the most important thing for your ear. This scum is called ear wax. Its medical term is siruman and if doctors believe it is most important for your ear.

Why ear wax is important

Earwax or the wax deposited in your ear can be brown, orange, red, yellow or even sladdy in color. This happens in a tube inside your ear. There are many glands inside the ear which produce this wax. This ear wax protects your skin from injury. Along with this, it also protects the ear from any kind of bacteria, fungus and water. It may sound strange to you, but the scum of your ear helps to keep it clean and healthy. Prevents the drying of the outer layer of the tubes present in the ear. Because of the scum, the ear tubes clean themselves.

Why does it sometimes become a problem

Although sometimes earwax can become a problem for you. According to Leading Medical Experts, when someone speaks, chews or moves the jaws, the wax inside the ear, ie earwax, moves from the eardrum towards the hole and dries out. When this ear wax starts to form in excess, then the problem arises. Because of this, there may be pain in the ear. In many cases, due to this scum, the ability to hear goes away. Some people resort to cotton buds or such things to clean this wax. According to doctors, these things can be harmful.

wrong way to clean

Never use cotton buds

Putting cotton buds in the ear can be dangerous. When you clean the ear with the help of cotton buds, sometimes some parts of the cotton stick in the ear. These parts stick at such a place in the ear where cleaning is difficult. In such a situation, there may be bacteria or fungus here and there may be infection in your ear. Sometimes, if the cotton buds reach deep inside the ear, the curtain can even burst. Hearing loss may also occur.

Stay away from ear candles

Similarly, ear candles are available in the market to clean the ears. People who sell it claim that its use clears earwax and other impurities. According to researchers, ear candles are not effective in cleaning the earwax. He has said that these candles can be dangerous. At the same time, experts also refuse to use ear drops. He says that ear drops are things like hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate or sodium chloride. It can have a bad effect on the skin of some people. Yes, you can use olive oil or almond oil instead.

can clean with water

Doctors may suggest you to clean the ear with water. This is called syringing in medical science. In this technique, sprays of water are put on the ear tubes through a syringe to clean the earwax. Although earwax can be cleaned in this way, but in some cases it can prove to be troublesome and can also damage the eardrum.

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