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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The head of a small child was stuck in the pressure cooker, doctors barely saved his life

We all know very well that children do a lot of mischief, but once in a while these mischiefs become very expensive for the children. 
One such incident was seen when a child's head got stuck in a pressure cooker. After which the child started suffering badly. When the family members could not remove the child's head from the cooker. After this the child was brought to the hospital. Where the team of doctors managed to save the child after two hours of hard work.

It was told in a report that the innocent put his head inside the cooker while playing. After this he applied a lot of emphasis but still the head remained stuck in the cooker. When the child started sobbing badly, seeing this, the hands and feet of the family members also started to swell. The family members also made several attempts to remove the child's head from the cooker, but to no avail. After this, the family took the child to a private hospital in Rajamandi area, where the team of doctors immediately took the child to the operation theater.

The doctors also got the child's head out of the cooker in the initial attempt, but later the doctors called for the glider machine. After this the cooker was cut slowly. Dr. Farhat Khan told that the child was very upset. His head was stuck inside the cooker, due to which it could not be done either. When the cooker was being cut with the glider machine, the child was very scared. But somehow, after two hours of hard work, the child's head was taken out of the cooker.

Let us tell you that the child's family was very poor. Because of which the doctor did not take any kind of money. At the same time, the doctor told that now the condition of the child is fine. He has been sent home. People are quite surprised to know about this incident. That's why most of the people are saying that we should take care of the children because their slightest ignorance can turn into big trouble for them.

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