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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The person gave a tip of Rs 7 lakh after eating food, the restaurant staff became emotional

There is no dearth of big hearted people in this world. 
Often we keep hearing such stories which win anyone's heart. Actually, we all know very well that the restaurant business has come to a standstill due to Coronavirus. Even though the restaurant has started reopening, but the number of customers coming here remains less. In such a situation, if a customer leaves a tip of lakhs for the restaurant staff, then his heart will be really big.

When the waiters in a restaurant in America got a tip of lakhs, they offered their heartfelt prayers to the customer. This incident is from the state of Florida. Where a person who came to the restaurant ordered food. Then when it came time to pay the bill, this person left a tip of lakhs of rupees on the table for the restaurant staff in lieu of a 140 euro bill. This incident made the staff working here emotional.

According to a report, after having food, this person asked for his bill. After this the person called all the staff present in the restaurant and thanked everyone for their hard work. Then that person gave 7 lakh 13 thousand rupees as a tip and said that it is for everyone. When that person said this, none of the staff present there could not believe his words.

Now this incident remains a topic of discussion on social media as well. He has also attached the bill of that person with his post and wrote- 'Even though I am not an emotional person, but this incident also made me emotional.' He has further written that the last one-and-a-half year has not been good for our industry. After this incident, faith in humanity has increased. The restaurant in which the stranger gave such a heavy tip is not even very famous.

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